Visualize your Repo

GitUp lets you see your entire labyrinth of branches and merges with perfect clarity.

Live Map

Any change you make, large or small, is immediately reflected in GitUp's graph.
No refreshing, no waiting.


Highlight a commit and hit the spacebar to quickly see its message and diff.

It's okay to mess up

GitUp gives you full, transparent control over your local checkout, so it's easy to back out from unwanted changes.

Undo / Redo

Margaritas, tattoos, sudo rm -rf / …some things in life can't be undone.
But GitUp makes undoing your latest changes as easy as cmd-z.


GitUp's Snapshot feature builds a Time-Machine-like history of every change made to your repo, allowing you to step backwards to any point in time.

Quick Keys

GitUp puts the power in your fingertips.
Surf your repo, make changes, and rewind it all back with a few short keystrokes.


Edit, delete, and re-order commit, fixup and squash, cherry-pick, merge, rebase—
It's all here, and it's lightning-fast.

GitUp gets out of the way

You're here to write code, not meditate on arcane Git incantations.

Serious Speed

GitUp loads and renders a graph for all 40,000 commits to the Git repo in less than a second.

GitUp is available now as pre-release software. It's free to download and use.

Some features require creating a free account. We won't sell your email address or spam you, scout's honor.

Git it!